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Entrepreneurs and other innovators, face constant paradigm shifts. Technologies evolve increasingly fast, mindsets are changing, and environments are unstable. An innovative company, is not a conventional one. That is why Neumann was created five years ago with an absolutely unique method, network, and values.


Since 2018, these have been tested by a hundred clients and now form the foundation of our brand.

Our network

Neumann acts as an intermediary, and more specifically, as a "trusted third party."
The quality of our network and our ability to use it wisely, by fostering powerful and relevant connections, is fundamental.


The density, quality, and regularity of our exchanges with the majority of investors (VCs, private equity funds, and family offices) and corporates (scale-ups, mid-sized companies, and large international groups) allows us to have a deep understanding of strategies, challenges, and timelines of each player.


As a result, we are always able to foster unique connections for our clients that are highly relevant and hold the best momentum. We also help investors better understand what future investors or buyers are seeking for in the next cycle.


Our privileged and in-depth knowledge of investors and corporates in the market, gives us a significant lobbying capacity to support our clients and partners. The trustful relationships we enjoy in the market and our very wise selection of projects we support, give our clients unparalleled exposure.


We deploy the best inbound marketing and growth hacking strategies for the benefit of our clients.


Thanks to our multicultural team and strong connections in Europe, North America, Africa, and the Middle East, we support our clients wherever it makes sense for them.


Our network in these different regions gives us a large geographical footprint.


We maintain excellent relationships with all VC (Venture Capital) funds. However, not all innovative companies need the same partners. Hence, Neumann has chosen to develop strong ties with diverse actors early on: Private Equity funds (Cap Dev, LBO, Build up, small, middle, and large cap), single and multi Family Offices, Scaleups, GAFAM, mid-sized companies, large European and international groups. Our respective careers have provided us with robust trust-based relationships with most of these players.

Our network of trust, built over the long term, allows us to address any potential shareholder, under the best conditions.


Our method

Neumann capitalizes on its outstanding experience with leading banks, investors, consulting firms, and scaleups to serve its clients. This collaboration has birthed a distinctive methodology, which has been successfully applied in nearly 100 missions since 2018.


Every client faces different issues and challenges. leading to a wide variety of needs that demand bespoke solutions. Neumann's intervention is therefore tailored to each client.


Our agility and hyper-adaptability allow us to have a completely 'tailor-made' approach.


We are committed to operating transparently to safeguard our clients' interests while also working discreetly in the background when it benefits the deal.


Depending on the industry, business model, and profession, our responses are entirely unique.


We advise entrepreneurs and shareholders prior to their strategic thinking, and we support our clients until the ‘post-closing’ of transactions. We manage all the steps leading to a deal:


Modeling of Business Plans and challenging assumptions.

Construction of decks, InfoMemos, teasers, and other documents.

Setting up data rooms.

Preparation of Q&As.


Anticipating all issues and participating in the resolution of concerns.

Contacting potential investors and buyers.

Organising and preparing

Receiving LOIs / Term Sheets and negotiating various terms.


Coordinating discussions, due diligences, financial, technical, and legal audits.

Assisting in the negotiations of agreements, earn-outs, "man-packs," and other deal points.

Solving problems

and aligning different


Preparing for signings and closings and post-closing 'customer service.'


Without revealing our trade secrets here, our method is unique in several aspects:


We approach problems through strategy with a strong understanding of the business (linked to our past experiences). Our perfect understanding of the challenges allows us to offer highly relevant solutions.


As entrepreneurs, we fully understand what entrepreneurs go through, their daily lives, and the difficulties they face. We also know that our clients must be everywhere at once, and we make optimizing their time one of our top priorities.


We also act as skilled tacticians. Absolutely nothing should be left to chance. In this regard, the key success factors are:


Everything must be planned down to the smallest detail during preparation.


It is crucial to react quickly in all circumstances to maintain the upper hand.


Flexibility and adaptability are crucial in a rapidly evolving context at a high level of complexity.

Finally, we want to stack all the odds in favor of our clients. Hence, we dedicate experienced teams where partners and directors are highly operationally involved in every step of the process.

ambiance 2.png

Our values

Neumann is a for-profit company. However, what unites us above all is a common passion for our work and values on which we make no concessions.


Solidarity is our foremost rule. This has nothing to do with kindness or sentimentality. For us, it is the best way to move forward. Indeed, our very strong proximity to our clients allows us to feel associated with their destiny, thus completely involved, motivated, and effective. We never leave our clients alone in the face of adversity. Internally, the exceptional, almost fraternal, unity among team members and our complicity enable us to weather any storm without losing sight of our course.


We consider it vital to have the same interests as our clients and partners in order to establish healthy and lasting relationships. We always seek to secure the best deal not only for the founders/leaders but also for both incoming and outgoing shareholders.

This need for total alignment also applies internally within our teams. We must have a real community of interests to share our motivation and objectives. For example, a portion of our capital is regularly made available to key team members.


"Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees all others." Winston Churchill

Our determination is one of our main strengths. As a matter of principle, we never give up. We always go the extra mile for our missions and consistently find the best solutions for our clients. The Neumann team is recognised for being resilient, capable of tackling challenges head-on in any situation. Our straight talk is also a major asset for effectively advising our clients.


Entrepreneurship is not a sprint but a marathon. We believe that our choices and advice commit us for the long term.


For example, we believe that the highest valuation or the largest amount raised at the moment 'T' is not always an end in itself. What matters is how to put the client we advise in the best position for the next steps.


This approach builds trust in our relationships and is the very essence of our work.


Open-mindedness is inscribed within our DNA. This liberty and uniqueness equip us with substantial advantages:


- Our audacity - our ability to think "out of the- box - allows us to support our clients in finding solutions to their most challenging matters.


- We comprehensively cultivate our soft skills and leverage them to benefit our clients of all our talents. This drives difference.


- We naturally seek gender diversity: both within the team and with our clients. One-third of the companies we have supported from the beginning are founded and/or led by women. This is a real strength.

The foundation of our brand

"If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is." John Von Neumann


Are you familiar with John Von Neumann?

The inventor of game theory, a brilliant contributor to the binary system, a pioneer of AI (artificial intelligence), computing, and neuroscience, Von Neumann is a major mathematician of the 20th century. Given his relatively low public profile, we chose to pay tribute to the person who has arguably revolutionised the practical application of mathematics in the 20th and 21st centuries the most. The technologies used or developed today by our clients almost all find their origins in the exceptional work of this true genius.


For us, John Von Neumann is not only a reference as a scientist but also as a person. Indeed, this brilliant visionary quickly perceived the dangers of communism and Nazism. A true genius and committed intellectual, he fought vigorously and with great strength against these two enemies of democracy from early on.


In short, John Von Neumann leaves us a legacy, he inspires us, and we pay tribute to him here.


To learn more about John Von Neumann, click here.

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